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Perdita's Parallel Universe Joan Harcourt-Turner 'Perdita's Parallel Universe' Cover

Review 27th July 2014 - 'Perdita’s Parallel Universe - Reflections'

I think that Perdita’s Parallel Universe was very exciting and also had quite a bit of drama half way through the story. I especially like the characters and their personalities; the character Jaxon is adventurous, Perdita is smart and Emma likes gymnastics and animals.

I also like how they make a team to try and be heroes, and it comes true, and they help a girl who is named Jess. Poor Jess is sad. Her dad is mean because of an accident where his wife died in a car crash, and Jess becomes a bully with these two boys, Hulk and Spider, who recruit her and make her do bad things.

The Parallel Universe is a wondrous place where dreams DO come true. At first Perdita is frightened and scared until she realises what she can do in her parallel universe. She then finds a way for her friends to enter the universe too, and Jaxon has a dangerous imagination. He makes a dragon! They then realise that they can just stop it with the power of the parallel universe.

I give it 5 stars!

In conclusion, I love the exciting and wondrous parallel universe and all of its magical powers. I am looking forward to the next book, 'The Wizard’s Duel', as well. Keep writing great books.
Jaxon Small, 11 years, Darwin Australia.

* * *

'Bookworm’ Perdita wished only one thing - to escape from reality. The day the strange things started, the magical adventure began.

Imagine a Universe where there are no silly sisters to annoy you, where living in fantasy is normal and where the power of thoughts can actually change things. Instantly!

Perdita is lost and aimless in her Real World until she makes a discovery lurking behind her reflection; a ‘Parallel Universe’ where she and newfound friends Emma and Jaxon are able to create their own reality.

But saving the world is not as easy as it seems, especially when the Crossbones
Gang threatens to make Perdita’s life a misery.

How can the three friends use the Parallel Universe to outwit the bullies and carry
out a rescue?

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Brand New -Perdita's Parallel Universe - Book 2 - 'The Wizard's DuellThe Wizard's Duel - Joan Harcourt-Small

Perdita and her friends Emma and Jaxon have emerged unscathed from their
adventures in Perdita’s Parallel Universe. The ‘Save the World’ Quest has begun, but Perdita finds that it is not so easy to juggle her two worlds and keep them separate. Is she losing her mind?
Will she be able to get things back into balance after she flips out and Jaxon turns against her?
How can Perdita bring her friends back together after she unwillingly takes them into her other world?
Who will gain control of the Parallel Universe?
What will be the outcome of ‘The Wizard’s Duel’?

The second book in the series ‘Perdita’s Parallel Universe’, ‘The Wizard’s Duel’ will keep you turning the pages as you travel with Perdita and her friends into the unknown.

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'Big Foot Adventures Down Under'
Maggie Meyer - in Collaberation with Joan Small

Big Foot Adventures Down Under 14 year old Kyle is uprooted from his surfing life on Queensland’s Gold Coast when his father is sent to the Blue Mountains to write about the sightings of Australia’s Big Foot – the elusive gigantic orange haired Yowie.
After a close encounter with a Yowie, Kyle befriends Roy and Enid McGilvary, curators of the Dinosaur Museum, and along with his sister Jodie and friends Dean and Phoebe meets the mystical hag and shape-shifter, Miss Splendor and her familiar – Thyla, the Thylacene.
Strange happenings occur when the teens cross the energy grid and meet fearsome Australian dinosaurs and Yowies.

Estranged from his father, Kyle wants to earn his father’s approval and so sets off with Jodie, Phoebe and Dean to trek through the extensive cave system under to mountains to reach the land of the Yowies, following a map Roy has given them. However, not only does little sister Zoe follow them, but also the leaders of the Troggs and Weasels gang, Adam and Theo, known as ‘Freak and Greek’, but this is the least of their troubles. Just as they are about to emerge from the cave into the ancient Wollemi Pine forest where the Yowies live, Kyle plunges back down into swirling torrent underground. He is faced with a series or horrendous tasks to test his courage and fortitude.
Meanwhile, Dean and the girls have their own ordeals on the surface, facing not only Yowies, but also vicious dinosaurs from the Cretaceous age.

Will Kyle survive the supreme ordeal?
Will Dean protect the girls from harm?
Will they all make it out alive?

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