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This is the home of the real Joan Small, who lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Joan Small writes personal development books, inspirational and other poetry, as well as enabling others to get their books and Ebooks in print and online. She also formats, proof reads, edits and publishes books, designs covers, ghost writes, and conducts self-publishing workshops.

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'How to Be A Confident Woman' Joan Small'How to Be a Confident Woman

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!Finding one’s confidence can be like turning on light in an erstwhile darkened room. Once found, its brilliance can linger with you for a long time after, just as Joan’s book did.
Joan’s words pierced the very core of my belief system, yet not in a painful way. Her easy to read style, undiluted honesty and insightful advice provided a straight forward explanation of what confidence is, how best to evoke it, and above all preserve it
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Poetry to Inspire - Joan SmallPoetry to Inspire - Uplifting Poems for All Occasions
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'Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally' Joan Small'How To Feel Young While Growing Older Naturally' Joan Small

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What People Say About This Book

I think many people over 40 could relate to your experiences ...

Wow, what a wealth of information, all in one book. I think your writing portrays a journey as much as it provides invaluable information. I think many people, perhaps over 40 could relate to your experiences.

The book was well set out, easy to read and flowed naturally from topic to topic. Many of the things you mentioned I too have experienced or read before: however, your book was not only a good refresher and enhancer but a great reference to some valuable healthy lifestyle information.

Your energy comes across as very real, down to earth and believable. I would recommend the book to others, probably 40 plus. Mostly because it seems to be around this age that we begin to think about the time we have left on this planet and start to realise the effect that everything we think, feel, say and do has on our daily health and well-being.

Some people just don’t know where to start if their lives are filled with unhealthy lifestyle patterns. I believe that your book could almost be utilised as a healthy living guide. Great read as usual Joan. You are amazing! Love and Healthy Blessings ...

Natasha Jones, Psychic Medium, Self Healing Facilitator, wife and mother of two,

'The Energy Book for Life- The Guidebook to
Energized Living

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The Energy Book For Life - Joan Small''What an incredible book!'
'Thought provoking and personally inspiring ...'
'The planet needs this book ...'
'A practical, easy to follow guide about ways to bring more energy into your life ...'
'Positive and upbeat as well as thought provoking ...'
'Well researched and written in an easy to read style ...'

'One of the most empowering and energizing books I have read.'

I have read and re-read ‘The Energy Book For Life” a few times now and it is without doubt one of the most empowering, and may I say, ‘energizing’ books I have read! ... Ray Jamieson, Director of Learning, Executive Mastamind

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Joan Small August author/poet 2014

Joan Small, Author, Poet, Presenter, Trainer

Ghost Writer

Getting books in print or online as ebooks.

'How to Self Publish Your Book' Workshop

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