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Books by Joan Small

'The Energy Book for Life - The Guidebook to 'The Energy Book for Life' - Joan SmallEnergized Living

''What an incredible book!'
'Thought provoking and personally inspiring...'
'The planet needs this book...'
'A practical, easy to follow guide about ways to bring more energy into your life...'
'Positive and upbeat as well as thought provoking...'
'Well researched and written in an easy to read style...'

I have recently moved to the Gold Coast and would dearly love to “reinvent” myself. Your book has been an affirmation of my thoughts and desires, providing me with the confidence as well as the tools to make it happen!  Bev Murray

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Allow Yourself ... You Deserve It' - the series.

Uniquely written, with poetry, humour, and stories from her heart Joan's books have a message for people of all ages and on all levels of personal development…Cherie Ashton, Business Owner

'Clear Your Mind' (Book One) Incorporating Book Two,'Clear Your Mind' - Joan Small 'Magic and the Power of Visualisation'

'Delightful to read and full of inspiration, encouragement and poems, which I found to be well versed and touching - all the ingredients for fantastic reading and wonderful gifts for friends and family'...Helen Derrick, Artist, Business Partner

Book Three - Faith, Confidence & Being Your Best

'Joan Small's book is a reflection on life and the influences that mould us to who we are. It takes us on a journey of self discovery'...Noel Maher, Money Coach.

Book Four - 'WisdomFaith, Confidence and Being Your Best - Joan Small For the 21st Century' incorporating Book Four 'Wisdom and Gratitude from the Heart' and Book Five 'Infinity of Time'.

Thank you Joan for sharing your life experiences, wisdom and practical ideas on freeing us from the stress and control in our lives, which are moulded in us and inhibit our growth and development. Written for people of all ages and all walks of life, these easy to read, fun books are an inspiration and a practical tool for those of us desiring to make our dream come true...Linda Harden, teacher.

'The Adventures of a Free Settler in Australia, 1848 - 1896'

The story of my Great Grandfather, James Dannock was written by him in 1896. It was fascinating putting the first hand account of his exciting life into print in the book.

'Poetry to Inspire' - Joan Small 'Poetry to Inspire'Inspirational Poetry for all ages and occasions.


'The Call of the Territory'The Call of the Territory - Basil & Molly Courts

The Story of a Policeman and His Wife in Outback Australia 1952 - 1967 - Basil & Molly Courts - Compiled by Joan Small - A good read.



Books - Print

'The Energy Book
for Life'

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'Allow Yourself...You Deserve It' series

Bks 1-2 'Clear Your Mind' - 'Magic & the
Power of

$25.00 Au
plus postage

Bk 3 'Faith,
Confidence &
Being Your Best'

$20.00 Au
plus postage


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