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The following are books that Joan Small has ghost written, collaborated in writing, or edited/formatted and designed covers.

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'To Find the Irish in Me' - Annette Renner

To Find the Irish in Me - Annette RennerAnnette is a fourth generation Australian descended from Irish, English and Scottish settlers. In 1999, Annie and her husband, Allan, boarded a plane for Ireland to find the Irish in her.
Laugh, cry, let your mind reel to the music and people. Experience the sense of belonging that claimed her and be there when she lays the spirit of her mother on the summit of Slieve Gullion, the O’Hanlon mountain in County Armagh 22 years after her death. Tread the paths of Patrick and Martha and marvel at family stories, myths and folk lore.

'Precious Freedom – A True Story of the Polish Precious Freedom Review - Gold Coast BulletinUnderground (AK) WWII' - Kazimierz Gawor

With all the elements of a great ripping yarn and the poignancy only a true story can impart, Precious Freedom tells of lives changed forever as the horror of World War IIbegan. But most of all, it tells of thetriumph of human spirit, and provides an intensely personal supplement to the clinical facts we learn in History text books. ... RON CLARKE MBE, MAYOR Gold Coast City Council

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'The Call of the Territory' - Basil & Molly Courts
The Call of the Territory - Basil & Molly Courts

The Story of a Policeman and His Wife in Outback Australia 1952 - 1967 - Basil & Molly Courts - Compiled by Joan Small. A good read.

Written with Much Heart

We enjoyed 'The Call of The Territory' very much. It is written with much heart and it was so lovely to read of peop;le who met their hardships and survived with joy. I use Molly's recipe for 'eggless sugarless butterless fruit cake' constantly, adapting it with gluten free flour when necessary. .. Marilyn, Alice Springs.

Have just finished reading the marvellous book "The Call of the Territory" the story of Basil and Molly Courts in their early life in the remote areas of the NT. Basil as a Bush Policeman and Molly as a Nursing Sister. A really great read highlighting much of the exciting and early history of the remote NT. Book has been compiled by Joan Small who lived for many years in Tennant Creek. Contact Joan regarding sales of this "must Read" biography... Bruce McRae, Kadina South Australia

Also Reviewed in RM Williams 'Outback Magazine' 2013

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'Transported' - Terry Spring

'Transported' - Terry SpringStep back in time to the early 1800's. 'Transported - a Pioneer's Story'' is a book of Australian historical fiction - a mixture of extensively researched facts and vivid story writing. The facts are documented.

'Transported' brings to life the sights, smells and emotions of a century when the poor were so downtrodden thieving became their way of life. Caught, convicted and used as slave labour for their sins, these people became the nineteenth century founders of the white population in Australia.

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'Choosing To Cross The Line' ... Jocelyn Leckie

'Choosing To Cross The Line' - Jocelyn LeckieJocelyn Leckie has written her story to positively impact the lives of others to help them discover who they really are, and to enjoy the life and relationships they deserve.

With the skill of the story teller Jocelyn creates a rich tapestry of captivating word pictures as she leads you through insights and treasures of the autobiographical account of her journey in, out and beyond domestic violence, in her first book ‘Choosing to cross the line’.

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'Twenty Two Twisted Tales' - Terry Spring

'Twenty Two Twisted Tales' - Terry SpringThe title says it all . Written in a seemingly matter-of-fact style, the narrative hooks the reader in to an assortment of short stories which touch on today’s issues, that entertain and surprise.

These tales deliver everyday characters, in well-known places around the globe, with unexpected endings, and a side order of hilarity.

Terry Spring’s short stories have received merit certification and have been aired by the ABC and Sydney radio stations.

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'Give It No Thought' - Richard Grant

'Give it No Thought' - Richard Grant

There is no such thing as sickness, which is mind in motion. Stop the motion by stopping the thought of sickness. The mind centers the motion.

Also available by Richard Grant: 'Nothing Matters' and 'Know Who I Am'

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'Unlocking the Prison Cell Door to Freedom from Drugs' Donnalee Gal

'Unlocking the Prison Cell Door to Freedom from Drugs' Donnalee GalThis book is about howDonnalee Gal had lost all hope in life through circumstances and eventsand had chosen drugs to avoid the pain and hurts in her life.

She didn't realise that choosing to take drugs and gamble would direct her path to destruction, and cause her to lose many friends. She also lost the real girl inside her.

Donnalee shares her experiences and her path to overcoming her addcictions. She has been drug free for more than ten years.The love of the Lord Jesus Christ helped Donnalee to unlock the prison cell of drug and gambling addiction, and she can help you to recover too through this amazing book.

The Hawaiian Way - Dean Callaway

The Hawaiian Way - Dean Callaway

If you are a seeker looking for answers and spiritual enlightenment.  Dean and ‘The Hawaiian Way’  may be your next step on your own spiritual journey.

He was led to Hawaii where he met the local spiritual leaders, and he was ‘adopted’ into their private family. Dean now lectures and takes individual groups of people to Hawaii, so that they too may find answers to their own spiritual quest.


Ebook - The Adventures Of A Kid On An Outback Goldmine' - Peter Turner.
'The Adventures of a Kid on An Outback Goldmine' - Peter Turner

A humourous true story of Growing Up in Australia's Last Goldrush Town, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.

Peter Turner lived on 'Nobles Nob' Goldmine 14 km from Tennant Creek from the age of 6 to 16 years. The stories told in this book are in the style of an Australian Tom Sawyer - a larrikin kid and his free life of fun and feuds in the bush.

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'Trace Your Descendants and
Build Your Family Tree' Ebook - Terry Spring

'Trace Your Descendants And Build Your Family Tree' - Terry SpringWhat You Should Know Before You Begin
Your Search For Ancestors

You're unsure where to begin but want to know where your family originated

Trace Your Descendants - background information to build your family tree. Find your family fast.
This book will save you time and money.

  • Tips you should know before you begin on-line research for past relatives
  • Discover the rules to on-line data and how genealogy information has been gathered, which will assist in your search

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