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Joan SmallJoan Small is an author, a poet, a speaker and a trainer, and helps others get their books in print, or online as ebooks. She has been captivating audiences and readers with her friendly engaging style for more than twenty years.


Joan was born in Western Australia, but spent most of her life in the Northern Territory, living in the small town of Tennant Creek where she married and raised her three sons.

Living in the Australian outback didn't limit Joan, who was actively involved in the community as well as moving through different careers of teaching, politics, tourism, the nutrition industry, and her own businesses. Through all of these she used her writing skills, branching out into poetry in the late 1990's.

Awards and Leadership

She was a finalist in the prestigious Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards, and was made a Life Member of the Tennant Creek Regional Tourist Association and Battery Hill Mining Centre.

She has held leadership roles in organisations such as the Business and Professional Women's Association, Life Education Centres, Girl Guides, The Nursing Mothers Assn of Australia (Now the Australian Breastfeeding Association).

Gold Coast Queensland

In 2001 Joan moved to the Gold Coast where she continued to lead in the SWAP business group, International Toastmasters and the Gold Coast Writers Association.

Joan's passion for helping people to be energized and enjoy life, and her love of all things Australian from the Outback to the Ocean are evidenced in her writings.

As A Trainer - What People Say

Toastmasters Trainer

From a Toastmasters Advanced Trainer ... About Joan Small

As a training coordinator for Toastmasters I have had the opportunity to work with Joan Small as a trainer. She conducted a session on interview techniques at our major training day on December 3 this year. Joan had previously attended a half-day “Speaker to trainer” course, and I asked Joan to run this particular session because I believed she had a calm, friendly and thoughtful personality that would do justice to such a topic. The comments made by the participants and the evaluator assigned would seem to justify the choice. Some of these comments are as follows:

  • Positive presentation
  • Friendly, well-planned presentation
  • Well done and encouraged good audience participation
  • Very good role plays
  • Role play was a good tool for the topic and was used very well
  • Good interaction and participation
  • Joan was confident and very easy to listen to

I would have no hesitation in recommending Joan as a trainer, and would also note that she is a good team member.

As well as my role with Toastmaster training, I have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, so believe I can speak with some knowledge of what makes a good trainer and facilitator

Alison Watson (Advanced Toastmaster Gold), Librarian Southern Cross University


Sixth Assembly First Session 25/02/92 Parliamentary Record No:8

Date : 25/02/92

Member : Mrs HICKEY

Status : Barkly

Moving to a more cheerful subject, for a long time the Regional Tourist Association of Tennant Creek, together with other organisations, such as the town council and the organisation that supports the Telegraph Station, have been lobbying to obtain a facilitator in Tennant Creek. It is an effort in which I have joined them, and the Minister for Industries and Development knows that I have approached him several times in this quest. Those efforts to obtain government support came to nothing but, eventually, the Regional Tourist Association, together with the town council, provided some money for

Page 3675

the appointment of a person to work with the Tennant Creek Regional Tourist Association for 3 months.

I am glad to say that the Tennant Creek Regional Tourist Association secured the services of Joan Small whom members no doubt know. Joan Small was Ian Tuxworth's electorate officer for some time.

She was involved in the Territory Nationals and has been very involved in the community of Tennant Creek during the many years that she has lived there.

Joan's position is, basically, to encourage more people to visit Tennant Creek and to stay longer. Her duties are to work at upgrading the image of Tennant Creek, to implement an ambassador plan for Tennant Creek and promote it through publication and media, to promote travel down the track and to promote attractions in the region and assist local operators with those promotions. Joan Small will work with others to promote major events, with sporting groups etc to promote Tennant Creek as a Northern Territory centre for sport, and will coordinate and develop the Tennant Creek events to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Australia. Joan will work with Aboriginal communities to foster development of their tourist industry and will implement tourist walk signs, town image signs and Barkly Highway signs, in addition to assisting with the development of the Anzac Hill complex in Tennant Creek and working with the council and the Department of Transport and Works on the main streetscape.

Under normal circumstances, it would probably take somebody 3 months to tackle any one of those matters, and I think that Joan Small is very mindful of that fact. She realises that she will need to work the equivalent of 40 hours in every 24 hours in order to achieve at least a part of the task that has been set for her.

Some honourable members would know Karen Sheldon. I believe Karen drew up the duty statement. I have worked with Karen and I can tell honourable members that she is a pretty hard taskmaster and will expect no less of Joan Small than she expects of herself. I am sure that Joan will give that too because she has a devotion and enthusiasm for the town that is probably unsurpassed.

In that short time, Joan Small will also be looking to secure funding to continue the position of facilitator or consultant in the town so that this work can be advanced because, as we know, many people in a small town have great ideas and would like to see developments but are too busy with their own affairs to develop those ideas.

We are all hoping that Joan will come up with the goods and, more importantly, that she will come up with some funding to enable either herself to continue or somebody else to follow on and tackle all of the activities that she will initiate.




What People Say About
Joan Small's Workshops

Informative, Useful, Enjoyable

Thankyou for such an informative and extremely useful workshop. Very enjoyable. ... Deborah Leigh-Russell, Singer, Performer.

Inspirational Public Speaker

You are an excellent and inspirational public speaker and I wish you well, or rather that you continue to do well....
Gail Tarrago, Editor and Writer

Researched Thoroughly

You have researched the workshop thoroughly and are very approachable, making participants feel really comfortable. Congratulations. ..Aldwyn Altuney, Photojournalist

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